ManezCo Education App

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Our full application will offer the following features!

Dynamic reports

Schools in many countries now require weekly reports of a student's progress. Our dynamic reports allow these to be automatically generated!

Curriculum based content

Instead of creating content that clashes with or tries to supplement the prescribed curriculum; our content seeks to complement the Australian curriculum and help keep students engaged with it.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic rewards

Having scores and levels allows the student to feel a sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, extrinsic rewards in the form of physical prizes (books, games, devices, etc) will help to sweeten the deal.

Comprehensive learning model

Competitors currently only focus on one or two subjects, which doesn't comprehensively cover the entire curriculum. Our platform is designed to provide an all-encompassing approach to learning, with the added benefit of learning on one streamlined platform.

Academic competition

Students will be able to compare the levels of their characters and schools will have rankings. This will increase healthy competition between students, as well as fostering cooperation with each other to increase their school's status.

Engaging content

The quizzes on our platform are bite-sized so as to not oversaturate the mind. The inclusion of characters, items, levels, and story events will entice the students to participate and engage with the learning platform.